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Friday, October 19, 2007


me and mashonda, r&b singer and lovely wife of swizz beatz. check out my exclusive interview with her below.
me, stylist alexander allen and man of the hour, dhalimu robinson.
terrell in the gray suit shares a laugh with dhalimu who is wearing a hat by salvatore ferregamo, crushed paisley pants by etro, and vintage gazelle glasses.. celebrity stylist, alexander and my beautiful akwele! the luscious strawberry-red-velvet-shortcake which is sold at make my cake, and was created by dhalimu.
the crowd checking out the preview on a flatscreen t.v. see legendery paparrazo, johny nunez in the white t, and gold chain on the bottom right hand of the screen?

new york, ny--have you heard of the style aficionados? if not, then brace yourself! the styling duo of dhalimu and terrell is poised to saturate the mainstream shortly. and their means of doing so? two highly entertaining and totally fashionable reality shows the first of which is style aficionados the second which is almost famous- miami. the duo held a well attended launch party for both shows yesterday at bo concept design studio in midtown manhattan. everyone from antm's nole marin to editors from us weekly to mashonda (singer and wife of swizz beatz, who is a childhood friend of terrell was there. they were treated to glasses of nuvo, a new sparkling vodka on the market, slices of strawberry-red-velvet-shortcake from make my cake bakery (owned by stylish entrepreneur alyyah baylor) and goodies from the island of antigua. the well dressed audience which included everyone from celebrity stylist, alexander allen, to r&b singer and wife of swizz beatz, mashona enjoyed themselves. after the event, we sat down with mashona to get her thoughts on the event, the show and her friends, terrell & dhalimu. this is what she had to say: "the only word that can describe the two of them is fabulous. they make you look and feel fabulous." and anyone who catches their shows once they debut on t.v will agree. stay tuned to the blay report for details on when the show launches.

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