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Friday, October 19, 2007


doesn't he look sharp!? samuel l jackson was host of the event. and changed a record 6 times throughout the night!
wait! these two know eachother? nicole of the pussy cat dolls was hand selected by valentino to perform during the showing of his pieces during the night. she looks amazing in that dress.
this dress is very underwhelming considering the hype, cost and effort behind it. suppossedly it's a replica of a dress that moss wore over 10 years ago on her first date with johnny depp in '94. it's studded with over 20,000 swarovski crystals and cost over 80,000 USD to make. it will be auctioned on ebay with proceeds going to the princes trust. if you want this dress i suggest you hit up forever 21. they have awesome pieces in this category.
THIS is my favorite dress of the evening. it's simple, sizzling, stunning and sexy. work it uma.
me no like alicia's outfit. i understand you can dress jeans/pants up. but that's no excuse to do so. especially on a classy night like this. from neck up, her and armani make a beautiful pair. but from the neck down, i am wondering what bus stop he picked this chick from?
naomi - do it! unlike alicia, she complements and completes her red carpet partners dolce & gabanna.
ironically, donatella and iggy pop make a very handsome couple.

london, england--with the exception of zandile blay, everybody who was anybody in the world of fashion was in london yesterday to celebrate swarovski's fashion rocks event. we are talking whitney houston, alicia keyes, kate moss, naomi campbell, valentino, armani and the list goes on and on and on...above are some pics and more juicy details from the event. all photos from british vogue online.

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sam jackson can do no wrong!!

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