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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


the header of the premium brand avenue website. for a japanese outlet, i find it strange that there are no japanese people represented in these images. just observing....(source: premium brand outlet online)

japan---japan takes the reins again in trying to offer something fresh and dynamic in the retail world: a new e-shopping destination called Premium Brand Avenue. the site opens today and is a joint venture betweeen yahoo and mitsui&co. it will offer clothes and accessories from edgy, fashion forward brands like dsquared and laltramoda and targets the much sought after 20s to 30s age range. i checked out the site, (google primium brand avenue and it pops right up) and it doesn't really look or feel half as edgy/trendy as the brands it feels. it's almost kitchy/tacky. but you be the judge!

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