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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


the brothers resting on the luggage. they are also decked out in custom made lous vuitton suits. (
the complete luggage set, which plays an integral role in the film. (
my favorite piece. (
hollywood, california--by now, i am sure you've seen owen wilson's latest movie: darjeeling limited. t.b.r correspondent, omar abdullah has and he is raving about it. i on the other hand am raving about the custom louis vuitton luggage which was designed for the film by marc jacobs. the luggage was created with aged calfslin and has a luxe velvet lining. the old-fashioned print you see is actually a jungle pattern that was created by the director, wes anderson's brother. if you are interested in owning one, simply log on to louis vuitton or call 212-758-8877 (louis vuitton's 57th street store in new york city) for more details on how to participate in the silent auctionf or these pieces. proceeds go to unicef and the rawal mallinathji foundation.

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