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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


a version of the lautner bag, which thieves stole in the heist

london, england--thieves made a fashionable getaway with loads of fashionable bootie from anya hindmarch's new london store. according to media sources, the robbers made off with items worth about 20,000 GBP or $42,000 USD. the broke into the store, located on ledbury road around midnight on monday and made off with items like the lautner bag worth about 1,100 USD or 555 GBP. and the worst (or at least sort of wickedly stylish part)? they made off with the loot on two motor bikes! so greasy and yet so chic....

1 comment:

AAWesome said...

WORD?! That's how they get down for fashion over there in London? LOL Damn, boosters have upgraded to international status, huh?

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