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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


pieces from the simply vera line. (source:shophound)
new york--mark your calendars: december 10th is going to be a very important day for vera wang. no it's not a runway show, but a showdown between her and the vera company. according to the ap, the battle is to clear up the confusion between the name "simply vera," which is owned by vera wang and used for her line at kohl's and the "vera" name and trademark owned by the vera company. vera wang is suing for the right to use the name vera in it's clothing lines for kohl's. their argument? the vera company does not use the name "vera" enough for there to be any confusion. but now, the vera company, is countersuing, saying that they are relaunching their line across the country and the use of the name "simply vera" will confuse customers. i know, it's vera - i mean, very- confusing. let's see what happens....

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