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Friday, November 09, 2007


while running errands on oxford road, i ran into a bunch of people outside the two new uniqlo stores handing out flyers for the store. (they got paid $120 a day for the gig!) ofcourse, i had to snap a photo. want more personal pics of my "new" life in london? go here!

london--uniqlo launched in london on wednesday night and it was no joke. the launch party was a star studded affair that drew musicians, socialites and b-listers alike. i'm not sure exactly whose who, but the name peaches geldof rings a bell. (looks like she's sort of a big deal in london town.) and she was in attendance. the fete marked the openening of not 1 but 2 uniqlo stores on oxford road, lodon's retail mecca. if you've been in a elsewhere in the world - then you know what it their clothes are giving: simple, stylish staples. good luck, not to uniqlo, but to gap which keeps getting dusted by them.

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