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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


soon you'll see her in her skivvies (pic from

london--singer lily allen has been tapped as agent provocateur's new face - or shall i say body. she follows in the footsteps on celebs like dita von teese, kate moss, and maggie gylenhall. maggie was a random selection, but if at all possible, i think allen is an even more random's not that she's not skinny or sultry. it's just that she's not believable as a sex symbol, an aspirational sex symbol, or even an "everywoman" sex symbol. not into it. don't get it. and wouldn't buy $250 panties because of it. plus, what happened to the days of sticking with a spokesmodel for more than six months. as soon as they announce you is just as soon as they pick the next one.

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