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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


mu$t be $weet to be a $pice...(pic from
london, england--it will definitely be a very happy holiday for the spice girls, at least if you are judging from their bank account. u.k supermarket chain tesco has hired the "famous fivesome" to model in their upcoming holiday ad campaigns. the spice girls filmed two commercials (print and video) for tesco, which feature them chatting and drinking in a mansion. (whose it's suppossed to be? not sure!) for the gig, each girl earned 1 million pounds or almost 2 million u.s.dollars. this on top of their already sold out concert tour and other tie ins means these girls are raking in enough dough to "retire" until the next reunion comes along. posh is already a rich *itch, so this is for the fun of it. but the others must be counting their lucky stars. i will refrain from making gold digger jokes about scary at this point....

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