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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


not just a pretty face...(pic from

usa--according to various news reports gisele bunchden has said, "hell no" to contracts paying her in u.s dollars. well maybe, not exactly that, but she is now requesting to be paid in euros for contracts going forward. case in point: her current pantene pro-v contract. her equally beautiful sister, patricia, who also doubles as her manager said, "contracts starting now are more attractive than dollars because we don't know what will happen to the dollar." hate on her if you will - but once again bunchden is proving to be a beauty with brains (or at least a beauty who knows how to surround herself with brains.) this is a first time for any personality negotiating contracts - as far as i know - and i am positive that this request will inspire similar ones from other models and celebs in the future. smart move!

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AAWesome said...

I read this and was like, damn, she and her team are on their b.i.. Who knew her sister was her manager? That's even more gangster! Keep the doe in the family. I love it!!!

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