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Thursday, November 15, 2007


the latest ad's for playphean sneakers & apparel. see more at their website:

jersey city--james rembert gives the word "hustler" a very new and very positive meaning. since his early twenties he's been an entrepreneur, buying and selling homes all over new jersey and making a very tidy profit along the way. through it all, he's nursed a deep love for fashion, especially high-end, stylish streetwear. so it's no surprise that with realestate, and family conquered (he's a husband and daddy too) the 30 years-young jersey city native turned to fashion - full time. check out my exclusive interview with him where we talked about career, style and his new clothing/sneaker line: playphean.

so what's your official title? ceo/founder of play phean.

what did you do before deciding to start your own company? real estate. i have worked for myself for many years.

what motivated you to start a sneaker and apparel line? i was tired of seeing the same old thing! i'm not saying it wasn't hot. i just wanted a twist.

what was the inspiration for the name and logo? the name came after the sneaker was designed. we wanted to keep the line "playful," er goes..."play phean." the logo represents the many playful colors being spilled out onto a hot design.

did you have any experience in fashion design or retail before this? i was a model at one time, so i've always had an eye for fashion.

at the blayreport, we are mostly used to buying and not creating the fashionable pieces we love. can you give us a glimpse into what the process is like for launching your own line? Making yourself known building STRONG contacts. A lot of time is spent networking and finding people who can see your vision

what does a typical work day look like for you? Many days and night at the computer.

what has been the most frustrating part? the language barrier, especiall when it comes to having to explain what you want and how.

what has been the most rewarding? seeing the first product. do you have some words of wisdom for those budding designers/entrepreneurs currently reading the blay report? what ever you want to do, DON'T LET FINANCES STOP YOU!

finally - and most importantly - where can readers buy your sneakers? From our web site They will be aviable December ’07 and retail for $190 USD. But in the mean time sign up to the mailing list.

by the way, we are total hams at the blay report. we love compliments so do you have any special ones you want to give us? this blog is great because it gives readers a chance to see what's new and hot - and what's not. it also gives the new designers a chance to be heard!

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Why is it Mr. Rembert won't pay his suppliers? Ask Star Pack about it.

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