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Thursday, November 15, 2007


check me out in the latest issue of marie claire. more details below...

london--blaynista's! i am just a writing machine aren't i? between this blog, school assignment, and multiple deadlines, i write more than i eat. (sound sad, but it maintines my waistline. just kidding!!!! sort of....) check out a few spots this month for my work - or work on me. let's start with today's huffington post, where you'll see my column on "how to win the vote: the h&m approach." also check out my work in the fall issue of jewel magazine with selita ebanks on the cover. i have three articles in there. finally, as i mention above, one of my favorite folks in the world, lambeth hochwald did a fabulous piece in marie claire magazine about health which features me and other wonderful friends.

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