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Monday, November 26, 2007


artist vanessa beecroft sure knows what haute water feels like. (photo from

the original work by artist anthon beeke. (photo from

paris --well isn't this a role reversal. for once, louis vuitton is the one being accused of copying! dutch artist anthon beeke filed suit again the luxury giant for borrowing heavy from his "naked ladies alphabet" which debuted in 1970. his suit names the 2005 episode where louis vuitton and artist vanessa beecroft used naked wmen to spell out the name, "louis vuitton." an excerpt of the statement issued by l.v is online at reads as follows: ' "Louis Vuitton, whose policy is to promote talented artists, deeply regrets any damage that has been caused to Anthon Beeke," said a company-issued statement. "Louis Vuitton, whose current exhibition on Russian artists is very successful, will continue to support artists known and upcoming to contribute to the development of art and culture." Beecroft, who originally said the work was inspired from a vintage magazine, added on her Web site, "As an artist, it was never my intention to create confusion between Mr. Beeke's work and mine." Vuitton declined further comment. Details of any settlement were not disclosed. '

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