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Monday, November 26, 2007


bejart and donatella versace in july. (photo from

lausanne, switzerland--acclaimed choreographer and confidant to gianni versace, maurice bejart, 80, passed away last week. it seems as though he died from complicatios from heart and kidney trouble, though this is unconfirmed. bejart just recently worked with donatella versace on a two-part ballet called "thank you, gianni, with love," which commemorated gianni versace's death. donatella said in a statement, "Thank you Maurice for all your brilliance, passion, and contribution to theatre, dance, and art, but moreover thank you for your true friendship," she said. "I treasure the act of solidarity Maurice showed by creating a ballet in honor of Milan's La Scala Tribute to my brother Gianni last July. A real perfectionist and very intense, combining avant-garde ideas that were truly exceptional. The experience was very emotional as Maurice was one of Gianni's closest friends and they worked together so often. Collaborating with Maurice on the commemorative ballet at La Scala was a truly inspirational moment for me, and I will remember it always." her brother santo versace, also said, "Losing Maurice is like losing part of the family, another brother. Now I hope that up there, they will go back to working together." a memorial service for him is scheduled to take place today.

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