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Friday, December 07, 2007


and he's cute! esteban posing with my ex-baby daddy (franklin bumped him off that pedestal!) (thanks to viewimages for the photo)

paris -- what am i doing wrong? at 23 ( a whole year younger than me!!!) esteban cortezar has just been appointed chief designer for emanuel ungaro. the young talent beat out scores of other designers who were initially considered for the job by mounir moufarrige, chief executive of the label. he will now put aside his private label, esteban cortezar, to focus fully on reenergizing and hopefully stabilizing the flailing label which has seen three designers in less than three years. kudos to cortezar. how much do you think they paid him for the gig? and really, how long do you think he'll last? i can't call it!

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AAWesome said...

See this is why I EFFs with! I did not know this. Sidebar - this is by far my favorite time of the year. So in the midst of bday preparations (possibly four parites in this coming week), preparing for the holidays and heading to Vegas for New Year's, some (very LITTLE) fashion info can slip by me, like this. Ungaro's Fall 08 collection is of my favorites!!!! I can't believe Esteban is now the head designer. I like Esteban but I don't know if he's ready for such a promotion, as his own collections weren't that tight. I can't wait to see his debut collection to see if I actually called it correctly! WOW! Thanks for keeping me in the know.

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