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Friday, December 07, 2007


(thanks to for photos above.)

examples of what cos has to offer above. they are simple stylish classics, true. but aren't there other stores that provide that on the market? just asking....( thanks to for photos above)

london--a school assignment compelled me to check out a store i would have otherwise ignored: cos, which stands for collections of style. the london store which i checked out is around oxford circus on regent street (don't think there is a u.s. location yet) . cos is the new initiative from hennes and mauritz which, of course, runs h&m. unlike h&m, cos is very clean and simple and minimalist. it is rooted in trends, but not a slave to it. they have a very balanced menswear and womenswear collection. and ironically, the menswear line is actually more adventurous than the womens wear with interesting fabrics, colors and cuts. the price points are very mid-market. don't expect to spend $100 on several outfits, instead, that might get you a button-down shirt or a light cardigan. the decor is very modern and simple. and the overall vibe is rich - but not luxe. (does that make sense?) final verdict? i'm lukewarm and undecided. i can't say i love it or hate it. what i will say is that there's potential. i want to see how this store grows and their collections develop in order to see and understand their true identity. i encourage you to check it out though and let other blaynista's know what you think.

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sam said...

I love COS - went there 3 weeks ago and bought 3 dresses, could have chosen a lot more but had my son with me who is not a great shopper....I wear them with my vintage accessories, big chunky necklace and 70's clutch. Visit me at! New COS customer - hoping they will open one in Bristol.

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