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Friday, December 07, 2007


so what would karl lagerfeld wear if he were a transgender lounge act dressing as amy winehouse for halloween? the chanel prefall collection is the answer. i mean this in the best way. trust me. (thank you to chris moore of for these fabulous photos)

london -- surely chanel forgot to invite me to it's fabulous pre-show collection. but i hold no grudges. guests like naomi campbell, claudia schiffer and kate moss made it just fine though. and boy were they rewarded. there are many ways to describe the collection, but i'll choose to do it as a question: what would karl lagerfeld wear if he was a girl and best friends with amy winehouse? that's exactly what this collection looks and feels like. the messy hair, streaking eyeliner, and tousled layers of clothing further drove home the point. overall, i think it was a strong collection in that it really stuck to the chanel identity - but revamped it by giving it more edge for the prefall season (something lagerfeld is an expert at.) personally, i wasn't into the entire collection but there were some strong dresses which i loved and it was refreshing seeing the mens loooks on the catwalk. see the entire collection online at the wonderful

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