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Friday, December 07, 2007


alas, the only piece i liked from the dolce & gabanna prefall collection.

i live for this jacket and how it's paired with those purple pumps! it's lady like, but still gives full-on drama with that fur.

pumps are still fab - and look amazing with this dress. so good for the holidays or an event or even a formal date.

zac takes a bow. looks good doesn't he? or is it just me?

(thank you to for these fabulous photos. log on to their website to see both collections in their entirety!)

new york -- yes, so it looks as though our invitation to these pre-fall collection shows slipped through the cracks as well. no worries! thanks to google i was able to review these and relay the information to you, my dear and devoted reader. zac posen's show was spot on! sexy, fresh and creative: the concept was "poodle ballet." oddly enough, despite the strange name once you see the collection in entirety, you understand. dolce & gabanna's was held in their new madison avenue boutique and the clothes were displayed on mannequins instead of models. to describe their theme, domenico dolce told, "It's about what people need in the moment," said Dolce. "Party dresses inspired by orchids for early summer; D&G classics with a new style and volume for our new markets, like Japan; and gray everyday clothes," for, well, everyday. i love the bold colors and flirty silhouettes in this collection. but that's about it.....

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