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Thursday, December 06, 2007


nothing to hate and everything to love when it comes to this dress and the wearer.

paris-- the other day i got sucked into a beyonce marathon on youtube. for some strange reason (actually, specifically avoiding the articles i have to write) i got sucked into watching video after video of b shaking it in stilletos in concert. and something strange happened! i'm now a bonafide beyonce fan! maybe that's why i'm all over this look, which she was rocking while out with her b.f, jay-z, in paris. the dress accentuates her curves beautifully. two snaps and a twist! (lolz! remember that from in living color!?)

1 comment:

aawesome said...

I definitely remember Living Color, so much so that I'm going to say, "HATED IT," to this look ON HER! I love me some Bee, but she's just not naturally sexy or stylish and this look is definitely wearing her, which is never SEXY or STYLISH!

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