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Thursday, December 06, 2007


yeah...i could've just gotten a photo of the actual jean pocket. but this is much more vivid. no? (thanks to for this racy photo)

san jose -- damn does wet seal ever learn? (most importantly does wet seal ever design good clothing? i digress...) almost ten years after levi's put the smack down on them in court for stealing - sorry, copying - their trademarked pocket-stitching style - wet seal is at it again. levi's just filed a complaint in federal court accusing wet seal of once again, infringing on their copy right.

1 comment:

aawesome said...

Ok Levi's. That's a sick ad and I like the point it's making. Try and steal "this" Wet Seal." You can't as no two people are a like. Hot! Hot! Hot!

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