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Friday, January 18, 2008


ozzie definitely has to pay the cost to be the boss. sidebar: he is giving much body, style and swagger in that bespoke suite. wow. (

london - i didn't even know this battle was going on. but fortunately, it's been settled out of court. i am referring to the legal dispute between marchpole holdings plc and ozwald boatengs, bespoke couture limited company. there has been a long standing licensing dispute between marchpole, who manufactures and distributes for boateng, and his bespoke couture limited group which manages the ozwald boateng brand & boutiques. boateng's company will now reimburse marchpole in excess of £137,ooo (roughly $260,000) by september 30th. marchpole will now continue in it's manufacturing and distributing capacity for the couture house.

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