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Sunday, January 13, 2008


tina knowles and daughter, beyonce. mama knowles will be part of a panel of judges who review your work! ( source:

world wide web -- blaynista's! are you a professional, professed, or projected fashion designer!? (don't you love alliteration!?) if either one of these p-words describes you then log on to here is where you will find information on a wonderful new opportunity - their design a dress contest. from january 7th through the 31st you can sumit sketches of dresses you'd like to design. glam's editorial team will select semifinalists whose work will be featured in a slideshow on the website. a star studded panel of judges which includes monique lhuillier, paul wilmot and tina knowles will help to select the winner. and what do you win!? an apprenticeship at Adam & Eve showrooms and a $500 Lord and Taylor Gift Certificate. not bad for drawing a sketch right!?

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