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Saturday, January 12, 2008


do you like!? so does mango. this is basque model, Jon Kortajarena, and he will be the face of mango's new mens store: he. (

world wide -- so mango is launching a mens store called HE. this is it's first attempt at the category since they bombed (i think it's safe to say that, or else the line would still be around) in 1996. i am not too excited about the offerings which i think, despite several sexy descriptions by the media will be more or less average. the name however is haute! HE stands for the latin term Homini Emerito. this means " man who enjoys a reward because of its merits." muy sexy! and actually very tatoo worthy.......abercrombie & fitch is launching a new autralian inspired lingerie collection called gilly hicks. the first freestanding store will open at the upscale massachusetts mall, the natick collection. not a store opening, but a launch all the same: bebe footwear is debuting. the collection will be designed and produced by sketchers usa, which owns the license. (i'm gagging too! these fashion labels make strange bedfellows!) the shoes will be available at bebe and "better" department stores. and desperate house wife eva longoria will be the face - or foot - of the brand. is it odd that i care more about seeing the ad than the shoes!?.....true religion denims are opening a freestanding store in new york city's union square. the store is over 1,000 square feet and will be located on broadway, near 17th street.

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