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Thursday, January 31, 2008


the exterior of selfridges, the high-end london retailer. i live for their electric yellow shopping bags.

london - if there were ever an event to that warmed my heart, this would be it. selfridges has come up with the brilliant idea to celebrate one of my favorite designers of all time: stella mccartney. the event is meant to highlight the wonderful world of mccartney (specifically stella, as we know paul's isn't doing so good.) not surprisingly then, the event is quiet literally called: the world of stella. it will coincide with london fashion week and takes place between february 6 - 20th.
gym clothes have honestly never looked so damn sexy. mccartney's selections for her adidas line.

the event will showcase everything from her clothing, to beauty to sports ranges, and will also feature her adidas by stella mccartney brand. are you ready for the kicker? she also has a golf line which will also be highlighted. first a baby, and now a mega-branding event. must be really nice to be stella these days....

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