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Thursday, January 31, 2008


wow. doth my eyes deceive me or is marc bouwer, left, sexy? (

new york - - so at first, it was a brilliant idea. i can't recall who did it first now. was it galliano? either way, the whole thing of doing a virtual presentation is starting to ring hollow. what was once fresh, exciting and totally tech, is now feeling simply over done. i say all that to say, yet another designer forgoing a traditional show to do a virtual one. this time it's marc bouwer and this time, he's doing it online. i would have been excited a year - maybe two years ago. but now i feel like stop. give me lights, camera, action, and real, live, models. (or am i just being shady and jaded!?)

i am living for this dress from bouwer's last collection. (

this is what he had to say: "of course I love a live show, but this season i wanted to explore a unique way to show that presents easier accessibility during a particularly challenging schedule." hmmmm. okay mr. bouwer. that said, log on to on february 4th to watch the fashion magic happen.

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