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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


new york - at first it was the ysl downtown tote, then it was , now the little bit of luxury we are lusting after comes delicately wrapped with a silver ribbon and rests in a genuine silver plated bottle. it is chloe's new fragrance, appropriately called chloe. we are so obsessed that we tracked down our go-to-girl alana stahl, who is one of our favorites coty prestige, (which markets the fragrance). shavon green sat down for an exclusive q&a with stahl. check it out. (p.s blaynista's, don't you love how we hit the streets to get original interviews for you?)
yes. it smells as good as it looks.
t.b.r describe this new fragrance. if this new fragrance was a woman, how would it be and why?
alana This Fragrance is classic yet very contemporary and reflects the Chloé brand a s a whole. It is a powdery floral which is very beautiful. It is light and fresh with a sensual powdery heart. If this fragrance were a woman it would be a woman in her 20s or 30s who is a Chloé girl(feminine with a modern, trendy and elegant style)
t.b.r is this the first fragrance launch in the chloe family?
alana Chloé launched in 1973 (Floral, Romantic, classic, Timeless) and Chloé Narcisse launched in 1992(Floral Oriental, Sensual, enticing, and alluring)
tbr it has a really sexy and alluring design. how does that reflect the scent?
alana The bottle is a direct reference to the contrast between the feminine romantic clothes and the tough edgy handbags and accessories. The bottle is made with real silver plating and finished with a tied ribbon. There is a vintage touch to the bottle.

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