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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


margareta van den bosch, former head designer at h&m. tear. (

the new girl in town: ann-sofie johansson. hmm. (

new york - i don't know whether to be sad, or happy, or what. either way i am very emotional. if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know the love i have for hennes & mauritz (commonly called h&m). you also know the love i have for it's head of design, ms. margareta van den bosch ( i live for the little notes she writes on her favorite pics each season). well, there will be no more of them in the future - or at least it will have a different signature. ann-sofie johansson has replaced van den bosch, who is going into semi-retirement and will continue to work with h&m's collaborators. from press releases, and articles, i can't tell if this was a voluntary or a forced retirement. what i do know is that it's a shame. under van den bosch's direction, h&m produced some truly unique, quality, sophisticated pieces which i came to love. van den bosch has been with the company for almost 30 years. but perhaps johansson will do good work too. the 44 year old has been with the company since 1990 and started from the ground up: as a store clerk. we'll be keeping an extra close eye on h&m's new collection to see if this woman is fab or a failure.

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KreativeMix said...

let's just hope she's as fab

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