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Monday, January 14, 2008


interested to see what her winter selection looks like. (thanks to for these fab flicks!)

world wide -- i am surprised she didn't do this earlier! just as her fellow designer donna karan launches into bags, diane von furstenberg is also tackling shoes. in several interviews she's said, "I wanted to create power shoes for the woman on-the-go and on her feet. My shoes are not just pretty accessories; they are functional and serve a purpose. Women on-the-go need power, comfort, and fashion." (is that a subtle dig at louboutin which are notorious for being sexy and stylish, but non too comfortable!?) as a typical woman on the go, i am all about style and comfort. but something about these shoes feel a bit bland to me. what do you think? the shoes launch world wide at dvf boutiques and better department stores. they retail between $195 to $400 u.s.d.

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