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Monday, January 14, 2008


milan - blaynistas. so can i confess a guilty pleasure? (which doesn't make me feel too guilty!) mens wear! from my boyfriend's v-neck white tees, to american apparel's pastel briefs, to burberry trenches - i think mens clothing (good mens clothing) is absolutely to die for. luckily for me the menswear shows have started. i suggest you check out to see comprehensive reviews and photos of the shows. but if you want just the juicy bits - look below. i have highlighted my favorite shows and included a photo of the best pieces from each.

ALEXANDER MCQEEN -- i almost stopped. but thank gawd for stamina. after watching a few duds come out in the first part of the show - mcqueen treated us to an avalanche of spectacular looks in the latter half. from ancient looking ponchos (over ancient looking models) to fun, furry hats (which i know will be all the rage next season) this show was everything you love about mcqueen and more.
EMPORIO ARMANI -- this had to be one long show. too long. whatever positive or negative things one felt, must have melted from the mind around the 86th look (there were 97 looks total). i can't go through this collection - and kudos the the reporters who did. but what i will reference is the first half that was chocful of ski clothing. i get it mr. armani. we are going skiing. but did the point have to be made so emphatically with ski's, goggles, and caps. all that was missing was snow and a cup of hot chocolate. and something about how the models strutted down the catwalk made you feel like there was disco music being piped through their ears.....

PRADA - this is something you'll barely hear about prada's new collection: it's very wearable. and it's total genius. prada has put little touches - which amount more to stying than structure - that have created huge buzz about her line. you will come to see the tutus, but trust me, you will stay for the well tailored suits in rich hues. a 10 all around. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO - this felt very underwhelming at points (simple, sophisticated suits we've seen 1000 times before.) but then, there were flashes of brilliance in structure and styling above that broke the monotony.
BOTTEGA VENETA -- can we PLEASE get into how FLY this collection was!? and i mean FLY in all caps, bolded, underscored, with swarovsky crystals. this ish was dope! from a day at the construction site to an evening at the opera bottega had you covered - and covered well. every look was simply orgasmic and complete. it's worth your 15 minutes to go online and look at the complete slideshow. then come back to the blayreport - ofcourse.

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