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Monday, January 14, 2008


(thanks to for these pics!)

milan - ....and this isn't even all. i am rushing because i have an appointment. but trust when i return i will post as many photos as i can find. what do you think of this male collection with vivid feminine touches (i.e. ultra tailored, effeminate models, and of course TUTUS!) i think it is brilliant. ones again, miucia prada proves that she designs for her mind. but will it sell? let's talk in a little bit. you. me. and more photos from the mens shows in milan. it's a date!

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Keesean said...

im kinda not even surprised by this lol she's always played with gender roles and feminine undertones in her collections it’s just now there’s no way to escape or deny her style and her approach with the worlds struggle with pre conceived gender roles. ..this collection is art, true def provokes a reaction and she plays with textures and colors soooo beautifully lol THIS IS WHY I LOVE FASHION(and this blog for that matter) lol forget what you heard lol This is the real ish.

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