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Monday, January 21, 2008


we are giving all kinds of fabulousness in this photo: hair, skin, teeth, smiles, tights, chloe paddington handbags. loves it. and clearly, modesty is not one of my marked characteristics.that's my homie laila ntim on the left. we went to syracuse together, where we met our sophomore year, and it's been love ever since.

young, beautiful, and ace fashion journalists: that's the only way to describe this years crop of ma fashion journalists at central saint martins. from left to right, edyta, zoe, alannah, nagar, mari (sorry i blocked you girl) and me, zandile!

tall, dark, handsome and a shoe designer!? YES BLAYNISTA'S it's possible for a man to have it all. meet christopher newman-smart, a shoe designer who studies at the university of the arts in london. we are both library rats, so it wasn't long before we started chatting and learning about eachother. check him out on facebook.

chris points to a fierce stiletto bootie he designed. i am already saving my coins so that i can commission a custom shoe from him. my own cobbler. how fabulous! i'll call them zandy choos. now if you are thirsty for more deets on my life in london, log on to

jolly old london - i certainly thought i was sexy in all the photos above. for more scenes and commentary on my life in london go to my personal blog: zandile in london!


shavon. s. greene said...

fabulous. just too fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Hey - could you tell Laila to contact me (Lester).

Anonymous said...

hey, i went to high school with Laila in south africa but we lost touch, do u have her email address? Don't wanna put my name on here but we were part of the Ghanaian crew. can u please send me her email address or ask her to join facebook? -A

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