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Monday, January 21, 2008


paris - this weekend, while you were drinking...or partying...or reapplying your full lace wig...the menswear shows in paris were going full throttle. there were a slew of amazing collections that debuted over the weekend. below are a few notable ones. log on to, to see all collections in full. come back today for my personal review of the latest collections. xx, zb

RAF SIMONS - at times, it reminded me of the cast costume of startrek enterprise. but overall, this collection was sophisticated and sublime. i loved how the pieces hug the male frame and look at once modern, yet traditionally tailored.

HERMES - i'm sure the quality was good. but you can't touch fabrics from a computer screen, so from where i stand (actually, sit) the hermes collection was a snore! it was very much what one would expect: simple, solid, suits with awkward attempts to add unexpected touches like wool caps, bright, thick socks, etc. didn't move me though.

i loved the ungaro collection so much, that i featured two looks.
( all photos from

UNGARO ah! it got ripped a new one by legendary fashion writer tim blanks, but i thoroughly loved the ungaro mens collection. even more, i think i've fallen head over heels in love with the ungaro man, who is comfortable enough in his own skin to rock a luggage sized tote and a large shawl. he is sophisticated enough to wear high waisted suits, and eccentric enough to pair it with skinny belts and a walking stick. will he marry me?

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