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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


doors are getting ready to close for good at nearly 100 talbots stores. (

nelly signs tees at a promotion for his applebottoms. (

united states -- honestly though, i could have predicted this. maybe not the mass closings of talbots and demo stores - but the fact that sales are slow at both stores. have you taken a walk into a talbots or demo store lately? chances are you haven't. but i have - and trust me, it's dreary. though both stores sell drastically different style of clothes and have very seperate target shoppers - what unites them is: wackness. trend setters don't shop there, only followers or folks who aren't necessarily thinking about self- expression or their style point of view when they are shopping...but i digress. the news here is: 66 kids and 12 mens stores will be shut down by talbots. 74 demo stores have been shut down - with the ENTIRE chain of stores expected to shut down shortly.

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