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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


williams in an ad for vuitton. i'm loving it. (
williams and vuitton consultant, camile micelli. (

new york -- they are at it again. pharrell and louis vuitton have gotten together again (but honestly, how did it even happen the first time?) this time, it's to create a line of fine jewelry called blason. it was designed along with l.v consultant camille micelli. according to fashion week daily, "Blason originates from French Heraldry and is the symbol of a dynasty, synonymous with a coat of arms, and for centuries has conveyed aristocratic heritage from one generation to another." and if you want it, you'll be paying like you are from a dynasty too. pieces range from $2000 to over $600,000. ( i think i'd rather buy a condo and get the knockoff version from canal....) the pieces debut january 21st. i just want to know how one manages to go from virginia to vuitton....

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AAWesome said...

That ad is LV ad is old, but still very much FIRE!!! He recently shot new ads to promote the jewelry line and the KID will DEFINITELY have a couple of these pieces. It's already on my January MUST HAVE list! I can't wait! I got the millionaires on the first release and was rocking them hard! Since the second release, ebody and their mama have them, even at $1000. So, in the back of the accessory drawer they go. As I have always stated, when it comes to fashionable Hip Hop men the only ones that count are: DIDDY (originator), PHARRELL (LV ad, sunglasses and jewelry line?...cmon! He shut the fashion game down on this alone!), T.I. (Never a bad flick of this dude and CONSISTENTLY tight on the red carpet...ALWAYS!!!) and KANYE (This dude goes HARD! True fashion maverick. Hipping the unschooled to designers they can't even pronounce, let alone, know of.). All of the rest, wish they can see these dudes!

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