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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


the emotion in this ad is moving. equally moving though, is that flyyy luggage set. (

paris - nah. it's not a lv tote with a digital lv monogram that also pipes techno tunes (though i'm sure such a bag is coming.) instead - it is t.v commercials! yes! as low -rent as that might look for a high-end lable, i am positive it will be a good look for the luxury line. vuitton will launch television commercials which will be aired on channels and in cinema's throughout france. they roll out will exclusively be in france for now with international expansions planned for a later time. i will eternally live for this ad. my two loves: politics & fashion combined. (

according to, "The extended 90-second commercial will evoke travel as an emotional and sensory experience, with a guitar soundtrack from Gustavo Santaolalla (of Brokeback Mountain score fame). Directed by Bruno Aveillan, the ad will be translated into 13 languages." the geniuses behind the ads are ogilvy & mather, the same firm that launched the legendary (in my eyes) print ads which featured mikhail gorbachev and catherine deneuve.

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