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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


russian designer, valentin yudashkin. he was the first russian designer to be accepted into the paris fashion syndicate.

one of yudashkin's runway creations. loves it! (

russia - say what you will about russia - but don't you dare say their military uniforms are ugly. they are making sure of it. the country's ministry of defense has hired internationally acclaimed russian designer, valentin yudashkin, to create stylish new uniforms for them. "young recruits should be at the cutting edge, they shouldn't be deprived of anything and must be fashionable," said the designer. kudos to this fashionably forward country.

the russian military in uniform, marching in 2005. i quiet like what they are wearing, but it could be sexier. i imagine spandex and swarovski combinations. sexy! (

oh! and in case you are curious (lord knows i was!) the new uniforms will be aquamarine in color and include glistening tassles and a sleek new hat. i've never been one to join the army (i'd have rather stripped my way through college than joined rotc to pay for it.) but that said, if the u.s could get tom ford or marc jacobs to design our uniforms, i'd be the first to sign up. through in blahnik shoes, and i'll be the first on the battle field!

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