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Monday, January 28, 2008


perhaps picketers and protests like this didn't help wet seal much either...(

u.s.a - my american blaynistas (yes! it truly is an international audience that the blayreport enjoys!) will be more familiar with wet seal than others. wet seal is a juniors retailer that's very focused on churning out cheaply made, slightly pricey (for what it is), ultra trendy clothes. perhaps, that's becoming the death of them. according to recent media reports there is serious turmoil at the company. so far, they have cut 41 jobs and have put a freeze on hiring new staff. they have also slashed their advertising budget. the upside? the company saves $4.3 million u.s so far this year. good for them, but bad for former employees. (b.t.w. if you are - or know anyone - who has been fired from there, get in touch. would love to do an interview.)

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