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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


ossie clark. the designer looks amazing in this jacket. the photo was taken circa 1970s (

london - so if you've been following the news , or even better - following this blog, you know that the ossie clark label has been revived. ossie clark is a clothing line that was designed by it's namesake in the 60' and 70s to much acclaim. its popularity eventually cooled down and with the death of it's designer was simply no more.
a standout look from the new ossie clark collection which relaunched on monday. (

recently, marc worth, former owner of wgsn bought the trademark clarke name and revived the label. it looks like he did so without consulting or consenting with the family, so now they are suing! according to media reports they have consulted with legal counsel to prevent further use and "exploitation" of their fathers name. personally, i find it odd that they would do so after the collection has already been shown. the press has been covering this since worth bought the trademark and announced the come back of the label - the boys have known about it for a while - so why get angry now?

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