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Thursday, February 14, 2008


me and suzy menkes, legendary fashion writer. she'd lost her voice but was still kind enough to take a photo with me. don't you love our matching knotted scarves?

the calm before the storm. seats at the vauxhall fashion scout show are emptied and the catwalk is being cleared for the next show...

valentina, my classmate, and i, outside the gareth pugh show. we've ended up as fashion week buddies, attending nearly every show together.

i look slightly chup in this photo, no? either way that's me posing by the catwalk at the gareth pugh show. his collection was nothing short of perfection. just pure brilliance. loved it!

brick lane is famous for it's many indian restaurants. yesterday it was famous for the gareth pugh show. i took this shot of the front of the warehouse like building where he showed his collection. there were something like 300 folks crowded outside.

worldwide - so cuties! this is our second valentines day together and i just want to let you readers know - especially my faithful ones who log on day after day to hear what i have to say - how much i heart you! i don't just love yall because you read my blog, but because we connect when it comes to a genuine love for fashion. even better we don't just care about the next hot coat or the best shoes of the season, but we thrill at the more cerebral and cultural aspects of fashion like how careers are made, (what people are paid) and what economies are being impacted by the growing luxury markets. from the ostentatious to the obscure we love it all! thanks for all your love and support and let's keep this relationship going strong for years to come. XO,zb (p.s listen, if you want you can send me chocolate or cash in honor of this lovely day. i won't stop you.)


Anonymous said...
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Nicole said...

You are the BOMB! Congrats again on your successes! I love reading your site. Love, Nicole Marie

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