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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


her elegance is matched only by her professionalism and talent. here, nicole raises a toast along with her cute guy friend.

new york - time flies when you love your friends! i can't believe that 2008 marks the fourth year i've known nicole kmiotek. we met during my days as an intern at instyle magazine where i was doing double duty reporting on a brand new boutique in the meatpacking district. nicole, 24, wasn't even representing the company, but some how we just met and fell in instant love. the connection isn't too much of a mystery though, i adore bright, beautiful, accomplished and driven women - and nicole is all that and more. the fordham university graduate is a true new yorker: born and raised in long island, and educated and working in new york city. she's shot quickly up the ladder in the last few years and today she is a fashion account executive at renowned pr agency, the krupp group where she represents amazing designers. she sat down with one of my fabulous reporters, danielle prescod to dish about style and success.

the blay report (tbr): you have a fabulous job that probably a million people want. what did you do to get where you are?
nicole kimiotek (nk):
INTERNSHIPS! My first job at d2 publicity was a direct result of me working hard at my internship there. I started at the company as an intern, was hired part-time my senior year in college and then was hired full-time upon graduation. I loved working there and never minded going the extra mile because I was so passionate about the job and the people I worked for.

pretty girls keep pretty friends: nicole, on the right, with a close friend. both look fabulous!

tbr: being young and successful in the fashion industry comes with a lot of territory. How do you dress yourself (mentally and in actuality) for the work place?
nk: I think the key to success is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Embrace who you are and confidence will exude, plus people tend to gravitate towards others who have a strong sense of self. When it comes to dressing the same rule applies. Pick clothing that reflects your own sense of style and that makes you feel like yourself but 100 times better when you wear it. The best pieces in your wardrobe should have the power to immediately transform your mood when you wear them.

tbr: who are your favorite designers?
nk: Currently I am obsessed with Lake & Stars vintage inspired lingerie. They have a beautiful bodysuit that can be worn alone in the bedroom or with a pair of wide leg trousers for a cocktail out at night. INHABIT will be forever my favorite label. I could wear ever day not only because the cashmere used in most pieces is ultra soft but the cuts are both modern and sexy- drop dead gorgeous! I also love MINT jodi arnold and Eventide for sweet, sophisticated dresses to get me from the office to dinner this spring and Sang-A's luxurious, exotic leather bags! I am ready to break the bank on her arm candy!

nicole maintains her sexy on the dance floor. we love it!

tbr: What is your guilty fashion pleasure?
nk: Purchasing way too many dresses for special events rather than practical pieces…sometimes I think going to dinner should require a red-carpet creation!

tbr: What are your style secrets?
nk: Buying beautiful, quality basics that will last season after season and a few great trendy accessories each season to update your look.

tbr: How has your job impacted your personal style?
nk: I have never been much of a jewelry girl but since I have started at Krupp Group I find myself lusting after cocktail rings from clients like Irene Neuwirth and big beautiful hoops from Phillip Crangi!

tbr: What is your typical day at work like?
nk: There is no typical day! My favorite days are during market season when you have the privilege to present your clients collection to editors and stylists and see them get excited about the new designs. Once and while I do crave a day where I can plow through emails and jet out for a lunch with one of the amazing editors that I have both a personal and professional relationship with- always fun to get to know someone better when you work with them so often!

tbr: How does it feel to make the transition from student (or intern) to employee?
nk: Landing your first job gives you an amazing sense of accomplishment (and a healthier bank account
J ) but is also wonderful because it opens a world of new opportunities and challenges. It is your first foot in the door so make sure you are wearing great shoes!

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