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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


london - blaynistas! you girl is already ripping and running - and needing a nap during london fashion week. i want to invite you to check out my first interview online at paper magazine. the link is and my blog is leading the page as of today, more to come.
a look from olivia's current collection. (

also! pick up the march issue of vibe magazine with robert deniro and 50 on the cover, i am modeling (not writing!) in the magazine with the likes of lauren london and coltrane curtis, a legendary marketing guru in new york city. the fashion spread is in homage to "the wizard of oz" and i play the wicked witch.

me striking a pose in versace jewels, a dolce & gabanna dress (ysl heels which you don't see) and a very nice weave. stay tuned for my next weave which will be 32 inches. seriously. i put the order in today.

singer mario and me. my toned arms are giving his a run for his money.

why do we look like we are 12? that's vibe's associate market editor and one of my closest friends, ms. janelle grimmond! i call her madison.

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