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Monday, February 11, 2008


london - london is picking up where new york left off. fashion week started yesterday night. not to worry, i am your embedded reporter. i am registered and reviewing so in addition to fabulous fashion news, check in for your dose of london fashion scene this week. xx, zb
ever since i saw a write up on her in vogue, i've been OBSESSED with ms. louise goldin. maybe that's not the word. but i've had a keen interest. so imagine my pleasure in actually meeting the woman! i scored a twenty minute interview with her at at london fashion week. check out paper magazine online for it shortly. (i'll update you guys if and when they post it)

the first show i went to was sofie-ann back. a swedish native who graduated from central saint martins ten years ago. these were some of the fly characters waiting online for the show. in my humble opinion the clothes on them looked better than the clothes on the runway.

19 year old theo white ALREADY has a fly job assisting for a newspaper in london. what did i do wrong with my life?i love how when i asked him what his look says about him he replied, "it says i'm cheap."

this was another highlight. i live for the website catwalk queen and randomly met the editor of the blog enjoying a glass of champagne backstage at ann sofie back!

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