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Monday, February 04, 2008


new york - fashion week is in full swing. babyphat started it with a bang and there've been some amazing shows over the weekend. i am a wonderful woman, but certainly not a super woman, so i can't possibly cover them all, so i won't try. but here's what i will do: each day i will post on shows i think are worth checking out, then the next day i will show you all my favorite looks for them. i also suggest you check out my fave,, for photos and seasoned reviews of the shows. so let's get in why don't we?

we hear tell that zoe went hard for the halston job. (


With Tamara Mellon of Jimmy Choo and Rachel Zoe of every stylish starlet in H-Wood, behind the wheel, this show will be a total must see. is actually going to run live footage of this show on it's website tomorrow.

Carolina Herrerea
Seeing her show is like reading Shakespear in high school. It's a must.
Betsey Johnson

Max Azria
I don't care how many celebs line up to wear his clothes, there is still something slightly tacky about Max Azria clothing. That's exactly why I love them and why I'd love to watch this show.

Ports 1961
Are you familiar with this line? I wouldn't be surprised if you said no. At the end of the day, though it's slowly growing in mainstream recognition Ports is still somewhat under the radar. Ironically, I find the back story behind the label more interesting than the clothes. But things should change this season, non?

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