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Monday, February 04, 2008


new york - the gap had a very interesting 2007 that was peppered with highs and lows. a slump in style was the perpetual low, but bringing on patrick robinson was a newsworthy high. the hope was that this maverick designer would be able to orchestrate a turn around in the collections and collective perceptive of the gap as a total has been label. well, here's his first step. nicole phelps of covered the debut of the latest looks from the gap earlier this season. overall, she gave it a strong and positive review. my thoughts?

(double air kisses to for these flawless photos!)

well look above. everything looks lovely. there's no doubt about it. there's a strong perspective and identity to the collection. and the presentation makes these pieces appear fresh. ultimately, perhaps, the kudos should go to the stylist for these photos and not the design team. why? together, these tight denims, slouched pants, and layered sweaters look good. taken apart though, aren't these the same items gap has been designing since your senior year in high school? these pieces are not a departure in style or structure from what gap has been offering for a while, but thanks to robinson, the perspective is new. and maybe that's the point. it's cetainly made the media happy. but what about you, the customer?

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Anonymous said...

I am really not that impressed.

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