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Monday, February 04, 2008


this is one designer with a lot to $mile about. (

look forward to seeing more bright, feminine clutches like this from louboutin. (

paris - fashionistas rejoice! christian louboutin, creator of the all-mighty red sole pumps, is making plans to expand his business. the designer has revealed that in coming months he, along with alexis mourot, the company's ceo and general manage, plans to expand the current number of stores by 36 more boutiques world wide. that's over triple the current number of freestanding boutiques the store has now, which is nine. in addition, louboutin plans to expand the offering of handbags currently sold by the company. as it stands, handbags compromise 5 percent of thier growth, the want to boost that nuber to 20 percent.

this louboutin bag is brilliant! (

despite all the aggressive plans, the most important one is their decision to aggressively protect the famous red sole feature, which has now become synonomous with louboutin. since this distinction burst on the scene, numerous shoe companies have shamelessly copied the detail, thereby diluting the louboutin brand. those days are near over though, as the designer and his team are now quietly working on legal documents that will bar this in the future. what does all this mean to you? stock up on the fakes now, or save up for the real mccoy in the future.

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