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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

HOW DID HALSTON DO? The Blay Report Weights In

new york - blaynistas! instead of inundating you with reviews and shows (though something tells me you would have liked it!) i gave you a quick list of top shows to see yesterday and i sent you packing to to check out pictures. did you do your assignment? what did you think of the looks. well my favorite from yesterday - for several reasons - was halston. as i mentioned, the label - once a major fashion house - has been revived by a few odd fellows: harvey weinstein, tamara mellon and rachael zoe. what do a movie producer, shoe designer, and celeb stylist care for a faded brand? perhaps money and opportunity? either way, their concerted efforts produced the pieces below. what do you think?

hugs to for photos.

i for one found the pieces amazing. the critique that nicole phelps leveled at the collection and it's designer, is that it failed to move halston forward. as someone seeing halston pieces on the runway for the first time - it looks and feels fresh and new enough, and exciting to boot. the collection was exceedingly strong and balanced and had a very strong point of view. whether it was a billowing pastel gown, or a strong and sexy pant and top combination - you knew at once that this is the halston woman. from the pieces sent down the runway, you imagine her to be, above all a career woman. she is powerful, confident, knows her worth and is always on the go. how else would you explain pieces that are, though beautiful and sensual - are still not fussy. the silk jerseys, wools, and towelings he selected are all materials that can take wear and tear and still make you look beautiful. the new halston speaks my language. i am a fan 110%.


Mic said...

Halston showed a very strong collection.I loved everything that I saw.

Anonymous said...

I thought this collection was great, and have said so on my blog at, which is aimed at women over 40. I don't know what Phelps is talking about, but these look to me like the kind of clothes I would actually enjoy wearing. Trish:)

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