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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


a collage of miller rocking her favorite bag several times. (

new york - blaynistas, please do excuse me if you already knew this - but it's fresh news to me. apparently,sienna miller was in talks with pepe to be the new face of the brand. infact a shoot had been scheduled for a new ad campaign, but unfortunately it never happened (probably for the best so far as all parties are concerned.) the private jet company which pepe hired to fly the actress and her friends to new york for the shoot allegedly bungled things up. it was delayed by six hours and when they were finally ready to leave, they canceled the flight entirely, saying that miller and her pals did not have the proper paper work for entering the united states. eventually, pepe had to hire a replacement model for the pre-scheduled shoot. what struck me most about this story though wasn't the odd collaboration between these two parties, or (if pepe is to be believed) the total lack of professionalism on the airline's part. instead, it is the price pepe paid just to fly sienna: $160,000!!! that makes my $700 round trip tickets to new york seem that much more appealing. pepe is now taking the airline, jet set, to court for damages. good luck!

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