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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


italy - wow, wow, and another wow. before he could even finish press interviews on his first - and last - collection for the house of gianfranco ferre, lars nilsson has been fired. you heard right, fired. as we reported months ago lars nilsson was hired as gianfranco ferre's replacement after the designer died unexpectedly from a brain hemmorage. nilsson picked up where the designer had left off and just recently showed the collection to press and buyers last month during the mens shows. i personally was not a fan of the collection - and perhaps neither were his bosses at i.t holdings, which owns ferrer. in a statemenet released this week, the provided no reason for the split and informed press that the ferre womens collection which will show later this month was designed by "the company's in-house creative team." however, an anonymous source in an article in said,the decision was "consentual," and "the conditions did not exist to foster a good relationship."they have apparently already began interviews and his replacement will be announced on february 23rd. if walls could talk i'd love to know what went down between the designer and his bosses...

(nilsson modeling with a ferrer garment during mens shows.

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