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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


london - nike is now collaborating with designer's from london's east end, collectively known as "the block." the block is made up of new generation superstars like gareth pugh, henry holland, david saunders, louise gray and roksanda illincic. instead of an actual sneaker (which would have been a dope idea) these designers are sending special invitations to a select few (editors at vogue, i.d, and buyers at liberty) to come to the nikeid studio at oxford circus in london and create their own sneaker. at first i was super excited about this idea: these designers are literally the creme of the crop in london's fashion scene. but at second blush, i think nike missed the plot. who cares about invitations to an elite group of people? since they had the attention of some of the most brilliant designers in london, shouldn't they have gone all out and actually had them design the sneakers - instead of inviting folks to create their own. seeing gareth pugh's take on a dunk would have turned a stilleto-ista like me into a sneaker stan.

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