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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


well, on second thought, victoria's secret does have a full on clothing catalog, so perhaps this isn't so strange? (besos to for pics!)

milan - well i'll be double damned! la perla, the super luxurious, high-end lingerie line, makes clothing. not the kind to take of, but the kind to wear. outside! even more? it shows during milan ready to wear fashion week, which is going on now. i had no idea. did you? nicole phelps of declared that the label is a "work in progress." but i want to know why work even started in the first place. should a line known and loved for it's lacy underwear get into the ready to wear business (fragrances, and leather whips could have been an alternative!?)? also, if they do, what exactly should be their focus? looks like the design team struggled with these same questions. either way, here are my favorite pics from the show.....what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Its alright. Not to bad I don't think.

AAWesome said...

LA PERLA is the creme de of lingerie and their clothing is SICK!!! This has been a little secret of mine for a minute for the past four or so years. Trust me when I say they have some HEAT! This is exactly why I rock with them, because some of these "fashion editors" are a little out of the loop and/or too conservative for my aesthetic. Victoria's Secrets' lingerie is cool, but their clothing line CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO SEE La Perla's collection.

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